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We are the Boulder service club for young professionals, attracting enthusiastic members and fostering passion in our local and global communities. We are both inspired and inspiring in cultivating personal growth and engaging as catalysts for change.  We seek out cooperative relationships with other institutions and individuals to better our community, our world and ourselves, committed to promoting ethical practices and social responsibility.

Changes made to Rotary Clubs' meeting and attendance requirements and characteristics sought in prospective Club members took effect throughout Rotary on July 1, 2016.  BNGRC is now an integral part of Boulder Rotary Club, uniquely suited to Boulder's young professionals.  


On May 31, 2011, the Boulder Rotary Club was selected by Rotary International to become one of 200 clubs worldwide to participate in the Satellite Club pilot program beginning July 1st. On September 16, 2011, District 5450 Governor Jim Halderman and Assistant District Governor for Area 6 Jo Kirkenaer joined the Boulder Rotary Club to induct the "charter" members of the Boulder New Generations Rotary Club. BRC was excited to gain six members at one time...and lower the Club's average by more than a year! Maybe BRC will be making Rotary history. Again. BRC was the origination point for Rotary's now-famous eClubOne over ten years ago.

"In support of the RI Strategic Plan goal to 'foster club innovation and flexibility' the Board authorized these pilots to evaluate and measure the impact of alternative membership types and club operations have on member activities and engagement, membership growth and retention, improved member diversity, increased community and international service, increased support of The Rotary Foundation, and overall club effectiveness."