Bill Morris, CEO and Director of Blue Star Recycling and Suzanne Jones, Boulder’s Mayor and Executive Director of Eco-Cycle Boulder updated the Club on the progress of BRC - Blue Star - Ecocycle partnership, and challenged the Club to get the word out to local businesses.

Eco-cycle has been recycling for forty years. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting recycling and innovating recycling practices, composting and other zero waste efforts across Boulder County, and promoting Zero Waste solutions as a means to address climate change.

Suzanne Jones, related the innovations Eco-Cycle has continued to make to stay ahead of Boulder County’s needs and working toward being a zero-waste community. Single stream recycling is one of those innovations, as well as expanding difficult to recycle material services. Eco-Cycle’s work has meant that while many recyclers are facing difficulty, Eco-Cycle has not suffered the same set-backs.

Bill Morris, CEO and Director of Blue Star Recycling, spoke about Blue Star’s progress in the last year. Since opening in Boulder (the first Blue Star Recycling facility is in Colorado Springs) Blue Star has created eight jobs for people with disabilities, principally people who fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum. Blue Star has two principle goals; to find very qualified employees to recycle very difficult to recycle electronics.

Bill explained that Blue Star helps to reduce taxpayer burden by employing people who typically do not have regular employment. And in Blue Star’s experience, their technicians have nearly no work related injuries, have nearly perfect concentration on their work and are exceptionally productive. For Boulder that means that 1,289,978 pounds of e-waste have been recycled; and 37,091 pounds of toxic materials have been diverted from local landfills.

Blue Star has been growing at 30% per year while most recycling business markets have been waning. Bill also related Boulder’s particular problem. In most cities, businesses do most of the electronic recycling. In Boulder, residential electronic recycling is nearly three times as much as business electronic recycling. Boulder residential recycling accounts for 72% of Blue Star’s business. Blue Star is working to get the word out to local businesses since they typically have much more electronic waste than the average residential customer. Bill asked that we help spread the word to local businesses. If anyone has questions about Blue Star or their services, they can contact Blue Star’s Outreach Officer, Mel Gilles, at 303-444-6634- ext. 109.

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