Abbas Rajabi, District Governor or District 5450, described his passion for Rotary, and challenged us to find ours.
Abbas Rajabi, an American by choice, grew up in Hamadan, Iran in a large family. His passion for education brought him to the United States where he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas in Arlington. Abbas is passionate about his wife Sami, his family, entrepreneurship and Rotary. A proud Denver Southeast Rotarian, he has championed many projects to assist those in need. Every time he meets Rotarians, participates in projects or sees the work of other Rotarians, he’s blown away by the amazing organization – Rotary.  

We can see Abbas’ own passion for Rotary in his work through his club, Denver Southeast he Abbas created “Pencils for Peace” - a program that gave school supplies to Afghan children. He and other Rotarians have worked to remodel numerous orphanages in Mexico. After 9/11, Abbas worked to raise funds to benefit NYFD firefighters, taking the money directly to New York City’s Rotary. Closer to home, he coordinated efforts to help families caught in poverty in the Colfax area- finding money for food and gifts during the holiday season. Abbas has been giving his time and his passion to Rotary for more than 25 years. Now, serving as District 5450’s District Governor, he hopes to inspire others to find their passion in Rotary.
Abbas is inviting us all to join him in sharing that passion at the 2018 District Celebration (we might normally call it the District Conference but this year it is definitely a Celebration!) May 19th to the 20th, 24 hours of Rotary at the Hyatt Denver Tech Center, 7800E. Tufts Avenue, Denver. This year, Abbas is focusing on all the work Rotary is doing, hoping to have each club bring their ideas, their passions to the project showcase and set up an area to network your own business and skills.