Zach Cartaya and Amy Over, survivors of the Columbine shooting, discussed the Rebel’s Project to support people who have been victims of gun violence and mass shootings.
The Rebel' Project provides counsel and support people who have been victims of gun violence and mass shootings, especially regarding PTSD and mental health issues. The tragedy in Las Vegas made it a more than apropos for their talk.
Amy and Zach are themselves survivors of the Columbine shooting in Littleton. Columbine ushered in the age of gun-related mass killing in our country. As horrific as the event was, a group of Columbine students after much soul-searching came to the decision that they were going to reach out to help other survivors. They formed the Rebel’s Project, an organization that provides a safe space, informal counseling, and education to survivors of mass killing.
Especially poignant were the personal stories Amy and Zach shared with our club. They were completely honest and spoke from the heart. Their talk helped us to come to grips with our own trauma as we read about one mass killing after another. We hope to partner with the Rebel’s Project in a future initiative. If you have ideas for a partnership or want to find out more about the Rebel’s Project, contact Merrill Glustrom (