On July 14, the Resident Scholarship Committee had a wonderful reception with student recipients and their parents. The committee and BRC awards anywhere from 5-10 “resident scholarships” annually, ranging from $1,000 upwards. It’s called “Resident” scholarship because in order to qualify, the student must be attending a college or university in the state of Colorado. 

The scholarships may be used for tuition or fees for their freshman year. Students from area Boulder County high schools are encouraged to apply. Scholarship awards are based on: student’s projected ability to succeed in college, scholastic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and financial need. One-hundred percent of funds goes into the scholarships.

Thank you co-chairs Erin Ratay and Brad Wiesley, as well as committee members Janet Beardsley, Alex Cherubin, Sue Lounsbury, Rob Rutherford, and Chet Winter

Congrats to Rose Goodman, Luis Hernandez, Javier Jimenez, Isabella Martinez, Allie Reuter, Ally Roberts, and Alethea Tyler.