Dr. Cindy Stevenson provided an update on the accomplishments and challenges facing BVSD
Dr. Cindy Stevenson began her public education career in 1972 as an elementary classroom teacher. In 1984-85, she joined the school administrative ranks as an elementary school assistant principal. Dr. Stevenson joined the Jeffco principals' ranks in 1985 - first at the elementary level, and then in 1991, at the middle school level. She called herself an elementary school teacher who happened to become superintendent, where she served in Jeffco from 2002 through 2014.

Here in BVSD, she is proud of the ways we're adapting learning spaces to the ways children learn. With open classrooms, convertible spaces where children can learn as individuals or groups, and with innovative equipment, we are making strides to enhance the teacher/student relationship.

"What kid doesn't want to write on the desk?" she said.

Writeable desks are a great example of how the 21st century classroom is changing. Instead of forbidding student to write on desks, it's not only allowed, but encouraged, underscoring the fact we learn and retain more when we're having fun.

The challenges we face, Stevenson said, are growing achievement gaps that are primarily driven by socioeconomic factors. At-risk students benefit from pre-K schooling more than students raised in more stable families, and that's why it's so important to make it readily available and affordable. She also said school choice, no matter where you stand on the issue, has created cultural and racial divisions in our communities.

Despite our challenges, Stevenson said we should be proud of the BVSD community and how much support it gets from staff, parents, and the community as a whole.