Service Action Groups

BRC works through our Service Action Groups to build community and international relationships,
improve lives, and create a better world to support peace efforts and end polio forever.

Youth Exchange
Youth Service volunteers seek to engage and empower young adults through leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding. We have service action groups working separately with both high school and college students during the school year.


Crayons to Calculators
Preserve Planet Earth
Behavioral Wellness
Spelling Bee
Community Service offers a variety of opportunities to essentially ‘roll up our sleeves’ and participate in – or take the lead in developing new – projects that will help improve the quality of life for people in the greater Boulder community and beyond. Some of our service action groups include literacy, recycling, tree planting, back-to-school supplies, behavioral wellness and food-sharing.
Vocational Education
4-Way Test
Resident Scholarships
Rotation Day
Outstanding Student Recognition
Vocational Service involves contributing the experience and expertise members have developed through education and career endeavors. Sharing these skills through our service action groups can play a vital role in improving the life-path trajectory of community members seeking advice, direction or understanding in particular areas of interest, development or need.


Ambassadorial Scholars
Peace Building
Study Abroad
World Community Service
The Rotary Foundation
International Service expands upon Rotary’s effort to promote global humanitarian work, peace and understanding. We work with international partners to identify, plan and support projects in their communities. Our service action groups include quick-response disaster relief and underwriting scholarships for Boulder students and ambassadorial/peace scholars.