Rotary Youth Exchange

The Experience of a Lifetime, All in One Year

The Rotary Youth Exchange program is often described as an entire lifetime packed into a single year. Whether you’re looking to go abroad for a year of high school or your family is looking to host one of our inbound students here in Boulder, we cannot recommend this experience enough.

The Boulder Rotary Club is a strong supporter of the Rotary Youth Exchange program and the Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange organization, which operates as the regional facilitator of the program. To learn more, we highly recommend viewing the Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange website to get a full range of information on both being an exchange student and hosting one.

Get all the details about the Rotary Youth Exchange program in Colorado.

Apply to become a Rotary Youth Exchange outbound student.

*  Please do not submit an application request until late August. This is when the next selection process will begin.

Open your doors to the world and become a host family.