BRC Centennial Celebration

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How we started:

On April 1, 1919, just after World War I, Boulder was a pretty but sleepy little town. There was no paved road to Denver. The University of Colorado consisted of a few nondescript buildings on the Hill where everybody knew everybody else. The downtown business district of a few square blocks was plagued with flies.

A couple of months before, in February, four local businessmen had walked out of a Lions Club meeting and decided they would rather be Rotarians. Rotary had been founded in Chicago in 1905. They contacted the Denver club, established in 1911, which agreed to charter them; they gathered up 25 members, and the charter was signed on April 1.

Their first service project? Getting rid of the flies: as the minutes explained, each member of the club would “see that a fly trap be placed in front of his place of business and one in the rear of his place of business.”

That was the beginning of A Century of Service for the Rotary Club of Boulder.

Today, in 2018 as we approach our centennial next April, Boulder Rotary is a club of more than 200 members. Its stellar record of service – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally – is matched by few other clubs in the vast Rotary network of 1.2 million members worldwide.

Boulder Rotary has spawned other clubs and has made special efforts to attract a diverse membership. We are a major contributor to Rotary International’s Polio Plus efforts to end polio in the world, and we fund and participate in numerous projects in our own community.

Stay tuned to join in as we celebrate our first 100 years!

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