* As reported by F.O. “Rep” Repplier in 1956 and John B. Schoolland in 1969.

The club, described as “peripatetic,” frequently changed its meeting places over the years, based on a number of factors including the expanding size of the group.

For many years meetings were at the Boulderado Hotel, then at Wayne’s Café on the corner of Pearl and 15th streets. Meetings were also held at Marshall’s Cafeteria, the Elks’ Club, Odd Fellows Hall, the Monticello Hotel, Baird’s Bakery, Chautauqua, the old Country Club, Lang’s Hotel in Nederland, and the Woodbury Dining Room.

In 1961 the club reluctantly decided to limit the membership to 160 because no available site could accommodate more.

When the Harvest House (now the Millennium) opened in 1961, the club moved there, and occasionally met at the UMC ballroom. More recent sites included the Elks’ Club, the Spice of Life Event Center (previously known as Angel Pines Country Club), the Avalon Ballroom, and now the JCC.