Our club is noted for taking Rotary to others, creating new clubs geographically and developing innovative formats for members who might not be able to attend traditional Friday lunch meetings due to travel, business responsibilities, distance, or disability.

Boulder Rotary began sponsoring new clubs in 1919, the first year of our existence, when we brought Longmont Rotary into the fold.

Other clubs we sponsored were:

  • Grand Lake Rotary in 1951
  • Broomfield Rotary in 1958
  • Boulder Valley Rotary in 1985
  • Coal Creek Rotary in 1990
  • Boulder Flatirons Rotary in 1997, a breakfast club, which absorbed members of Coal Creek Rotary when that club’s charter was surrendered two years ago.
  • Niwot Rotary in 2008.

In January 2002, a club we sponsored “revolutionized the Rotary world,” according to Norris Hermsmeyer. eClub One was the first internet-based Rotary Club, a pilot project with 25 members, chaired by Boulder Rotarian John Minter, who became its charter president. eClubs were approved permanently in 2010 and about 100 have been chartered since then.

Boulder Rotary also gave birth more recently to two innovative satellite clubs, Boulder New Generations Rotary Club and Boulder Roots, whose members also belong to Boulder Rotary. Both BNGRC and Roots place special emphasis on service.

BNGRC is a club for young professionals. A signature project for them has been Visionaria Peru, working to help indigenous Andean young women to develop leadership skills. BNGRC was one of four Rotary International pilot projects that looked at attracting new members, especially younger ones. Its success story was featured at the 2012 RI Convention.

Boulder Roots is for members whose schedules make it difficult for them to attend our Friday lunch meetings. They hold breakfast meetings, do service projects, and attend the larger club’s meetings when they are able.