One of our first female Rotarians was also our first Rotary mom.

This was unusual enough that it was deemed worthy of a front-page story in the Daily Camera. Alice Seigal’s son Max was born Feb. 21, 1988, just a few months after Alice, a veterinarian, joined the club along with Carol Riggs Husted, breaking the gender barrier. So that would make Alice also the first pregnant Boulder Rotarian. The story described Rotary as “the embodiment of the cigar-smoking old-boy’s network.” 

Alice wasn’t the first Rotary mom in the country, because a new Rotarian in Oregon had given birth in the previous December.

When she joined, Alice inquired about maternity leave, since Rotary at the time had a strict attendance policy requiring members to be at 60 percent of the meetings. A Rotary International spokeswoman said it wouldn’t be a problem. And Alice said she planned to bring Max to meetings while she was nursing him.

Sadly, Alice died in 2013 at age 59 from cardiac arrest, leaving Max, her three other children, and her husband Steven. She had rejoined Boulder Rotary shortly before after an absence of some years. Her obituary said she was “extremely proud” of having been one of the first women to join the club.

Max is now a professional wildlife photographer. His website says he spent his early years working at his parents’ veterinary clinic, which sparked his love for animals.

We have another Rotary mom as of Oct. 13, when Lindsey Sachs gave birth to Sienna Lauren Sachs. And Kelly Child, one of our red badge members, is expecting soon as well. A new generation of Rotary women is coming!