*  As reported by F.O. “Rep” Repplier in 1956.

We’ve already heard about the fly traps that were an early project of Boulder Rotary. Just as we do now, Rotarians took an active role in helping the community.

Some club projects in the early days included:

  • Building a swimming pool
  • Creating a memorial park for the dead of the first World War
  • Working on mountain trails
  • Building “Camp Rotary” near Nederland
  • Donating prizes for bicycle races at the Fourth of July
  • The entry of a Rotary float in the Fourth of July parade
  • Sending $250 to Pueblo Rotary Club for relief of the victims of the 1921 flash flood that killed more than 100 people.
  • In 1943 the club furnished a room at the county hospital and maintained it for many years, decorating and refurnishing it as needed. The club also contributed to the city recreation program, the Red Cross, and the Boy Scouts.
  • Its many other endeavors included sponsoring school traffic safety programs, furnishing cars to take entertainers to the men at Fitzsimmons hospital, giving financial aid to displaced students at the University, helped fund the Memorial baseball field and a teen canteen, and many other endeavors.

And as you know, Boulder Rotary’s good works continue today.