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05.22.20 – Avani G. Dilger – Resilience & Leadership: Resources for Teens and Adults During the Pandemic

05.15.20 – Matthew Shupe – Adventures in Arctic Research: The MOSAiC Expedition

05.08.20 -Geoffrey R. Woglom – The Economic Consequences of the Covid Crisis – Recent Fiscal & Monetary Responses

05.01.20 – Michael Connelly: Meet a Storyteller

04.24.20 – Cynda Collins Arsenault and Zuza Bohley – Rotary and the United Nations’ Global Consultations

04.17.20 – Wendy Underhill – Everything that Keeps me up at Night Regarding the 2020 Election

04.10.20 – Patty Limerick – Viruses, Contagion, and the Temptations of Complacency: What I Learned from Two Centuries of History and Two Weeks of Quarantine in 2002

04.03.20 – Crisis Response in Education: Remote Learning in the Age of Covid-19

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