Program Committee

A Weekly Infusion of Ideas, Information, Innovation—and Just Plain Fun

One of the benefits of Boulder Rotary Club membership is learning from and participating in the weekly programs at our Friday lunches. Our club’s Program Committee, which is responsible for 45 presentations each year, strives to present “Ted Talks-quality” programs – i.e., compelling speakers on challenging, timely or fun topics, enhanced by high quality graphics.

Topics of our programs range from science and technology (the problem of managing 1,300 active satellites in earth’s orbit) to health care and medicine (moving closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease) to sports (how Olympic athletes develop mental toughness) to arts and music (a holiday performance by the CU student jazz combo) to business (how to sustain a strong economy in Boulder) to public policy (a nonpartisan preview of the initiatives and referenda on the 2018 ballot).